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about the farm

the journey of the land


When you come to the Changing Habits farm you have entered a place where nature is doing its job. Our whole focus is to help nature by improving soil health with the help of our cattle and chickens and strategic moving, mulching and planting.


The land is managed using Regenerative Farming Principles including cell grazing, natural sequence farming, biodynamics, multi species pastures and syntropic.

During the past 7 years, we have fenced off the riparian area and planted thousands of trees to push back the privet (English hedge – not native to Australia), we have planted over 600 fruit trees of varying varieties, grown garlic, ginger, herb and vegetable gardens, tended to livestock including, pigs, ducks, horses, chickens, and cattle. Just recently we have built a shed to implement education courses for small scale farmers and back yard gardens to use regenerative principles without the use of pesticides, fertilises, or herbicides. 


The farm is 60 acres, shaped in a fat “L”, with the cottage sitting at the top of the L.  We have permanent creeks and water holes, 4 dams, and springs that pop up everywhere.  Looking north you will see the Witta Range and more northwest to the Conondale Ranges. The farm is 5 minutes from the centre of Maleny which hosts many co-ops all the way from food to banking. It is also just 15 minutes from Conondale and 40 minutes to Kenilworth.

While you sit back and enjoy this beautiful place, we want you to know that you are helping our family keep this farm alive.  


From our family to yours we want to thank you for supporting regenerative small acreage farmers.

Enjoy our beautiful part of the world, your hosts


Brogan and Monique O’Meara

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